Friday, April 3, 2009

It's a small world

Last night an old friend from Salt Lake City was in town for the day. (Eric Lindquist) As some of you may know Eric does a radio show in Salt Lake City called "The Deep End". (check out One of the artists, Joy Ike, who Eric has played happens to live in Pittsburgh. Last night after dinner we went to one of her shows. (check her out at ) Her music was awesome, very John Mayer, Jack Johnsonesqe. I look forward to hearing her again. After her set she came up to Eric and thanked him for coming. She then looked at me and said "I've seen you somewhere" I told her that I've only been in Pittsburgh for 8 months but she insisted she's seen me. Finally I told her I worked at Urban Impact. Well...she volunteers for our performing arts group and she's seen me at volunteer meetings! It just amazes me how small this world can be. I found out that most of the people in the office know her personally and some attend church with her.