Monday, December 22, 2008

A Cold night in Pittsburgh!

Just when I think that the boys I hang out with are just using me for transportation or some other means I get knocked back in my place and it all seems worth it. Just over a week ago I was dropping off my last boy and was driving through one of the worst parts of town. Good thing it was about 10 degrees outside and about 11:30 at night so not much was happening. We spotted a girl walking alone and drove past her. I couldn't help it and I told Jamaal that we needed to turn around and make sure she was ok. We made a U-turn and the girl was now on Jamaal's side of the vehicle and I told him he was going to ask if she needed a ride. As we pulled up she declined any help so we drove past and made another u-turn. I figured we tried and was going to drive by. Jamaal looked at me and said, "Chad, you need to ask her again." I let my window down and asked her if she was sure she didn't need a ride. Her voice replied with tons of adreniline running through it, "Are you going to kill me?" Somehow I was able to convince her that we just wanted to make sure she got home safe. She got in the car and we found out that her husband kicked her out and she was going to her grandma's house. I dropped Jamaal off, thinking she was living in the same projects. She told Jamaal where she lived and Jamaal told me it was only a couple of miles away. Well, about 3 miles later up and down the Pittsburgh hills we make it to her project(apartment complex) We didn't talk much other then she thanked God for putting us in her path and each time she tried to speak she started crying so I didn't press.

Jamaal cold me just as I was leaving the project and asked if she got home ok. I told him she did. He then asked me if that was living a life for others, I told him that was. He then said that it felt good to do something like that. I had to acknowledge him at that point as he is the one who told me to ask one more time if she needed a ride. I would've drove right past her as I felt I did what was needed, and if it wasn't for him she would've had a long, cold walk home.

Pray for Jamaal as he is working and trying to figure out what it means to be a "Man built for other's" and to live a life as a follower of Jesus.


Andrew said...

Good stuff Chad. I am praying for Jamaal, a follower of Jesus, in Pittsburgh.

Irene said...

Chad, Great story! The girl you helped arrive home in safety totally needed your help. You are being guided by God through Jamaal, as he was inspired to encourage you to ask her again if she needed help. You are doing some awesome work in Pittsburgh. We miss you! Merry Christmas, and hope 2009 will be the best year ever! Always, Irene

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing that story! Wow, good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Chad - though the parties in SLC have slowed down, the parties in Heaven are picking up the pace through your obedience to Him. Keep us posted on the victories!