Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Turbulent Times

Life over the past 3 weeks have been some of the most turbulent times since coming to Pittsburgh in July. Just to update all of you. James Owens passed away 2 weeks after we saw him in the hospital. That was a difficult time for myself and Jeff. Jeff actually got to know him a little better than me and took it pretty hard. One good thing that came out of it was that on the night after he passed away one of our 10th grade boys called me up around 9 pm on Sunday night to let me know of the passing. I never had been called by this young man prior to this and my only interaction with him had been in the open gym and watching him play basketball on a rival team from most the other boys I know in high school. I asked him if he wouldn't mind calling Jeff and talking to him as Jeff had a lot of questions about James and what happened. The boy said he would. Now...this was a Sunday night around 9 pm and the chances of Jeff actually being up to answer the phone were slim. things go Jeff did answer his phone and not only that he went and pick the boy up and drove around Pittsburgh for 1 1/2 hours talking about the situation. I know this was awesome for both of them and gave Jeff some healing. God's timing is perfect with putting people in our lives, it's just recognizing those times.

Last Thursday I went to the viewing and paid my respects to James Owens and his family. I was able to see a couple of my boys there and it was great feeling the love they had when they hugged me. RIP-James Owens

My other issue was the student whose girlfriend was going in for an abortion. According to my young man, the baby hid! The girl then waffled over the next 2 weeks and and on March 24th, yesterday she went back in for an abortion. God had other plans and took the baby away. The good thing is now the girl and my young man don't have blood on their hands. I just pray that they can deal with the miscarriage and learn from this mistake.

I visited with some friends (Ron and Traci Pensari)over the weekend who were in Jersey and had a relaxing good time with them and seeing where they grew up and friends they have in Jersey. I never knew Jersey was such and diverse and pretty state.

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Miles said...

Hey Chad. This is awesome. It sounds like God is really really working through you man, I'm excited about this! You rock brother! I love you man, peace and strength,