Thursday, April 15, 2010

A late night visitor

I would like to share another story with you that hopefully shows how fulfilling my call to the North Side of Pittsburgh has been.

Last Wednesday night as I was getting ready for bed, as a matter of fact I was just getting under the covers. I heard the door knock and the dog bark. I was thinking "who is coming over at this time of night?". My roommate Jack, was in the living room but was under the weather as he was getting over a nose operation and was in no mood for visitors. Jack yells out to me, "Chad, one of your boys is at the door." I must admit that I was, as said earlier, just getting under the covers and did not want to get up. I wasn't the happy guy. I put on my sweats and walked to the front door and standing there was one of the boys I see from time to time. He told me that the door to his house was locked and his dad wouldn't be home for another 45 minutes. He said I'm cold and I haven't eaten anything. I don't know what happened to my bad attitude but I said come on in. I told him what I had and he said great. I happened to have a package of cookies on the table and I said take those. He ate a few as I prepared a meal for him.

The meal was prepared and I couldn't believe how fast he ate it. It was enough for 2people and remember that I'm a big guy saying it's enough for 2 people. I figured that he was warmed up and well fed and he said by the time he got home that his dad should be at the house. He left.

I cleaned up and got myself ready for bed again. There was a problem. My adrenaline was running extremely fast and my mind was working overtime. A thought came to me, "was that really who I thought it was or was that Jesus coming at the door?". I'm normally a pretty lucid guy but this thought still lingers with me a week later as I write this. I can't help but feel proud that I actually listened and answered the call to help the least and the lost in Pittsburgh. That event, was one of the reasons I felt called to not only work in the North Side but also live in the same kind of neighborhood my youth live in. I felt fortunate that I got to experience feeding the hungry and warming the cold, if he would've asked or if I thought it was necessary I would've gave him a place to sleep. I may not have many resources but the Lord has provided me with the right amount every time. (I've been well fed in the process also)

Someone asked me if I share the Gospel and I told them that I do as much as I can and sometimes I use words. I also feel that if God can use a white, overweight, 46 year old bald man with no special talents that he can use anyone. Listen to what he's telling you, don't second guess it. Your life will never be the same again.


Anonymous said...

I really love you Chad. It is an honor to call you my friend. Keep up all the great work GOD has called you for. You are an inspire me to become a better servant and a better man.


Anonymous said...

Love you, Chad!
Thanks for the reminder to listen and not second guess what I'm hearing him say to me.
I know you're right where God wants you but I do miss you tons!
-mary g

Anonymous said...

Entertaining angels, my friend. Way to listen, your ears are indeed unplugged. - Mark D

Anonymous said...

You are so loved, Chad. Thank you for being such an inspiration and for loving others so well. You are missed, my friend...even here in Michigan.
be blessed!